8 Hour
Enhanced Protection
Against COVID-19*

*99% over four hours, 90% over 8 hours

What it is & How it Works

Alcohol Sanitisers:

Immediate Action Only
(zero ongoing protection)


Enhanced Protection Against COVID-19
(99% effective at 4 hours, 90% effective at 8 hours)

COVID-19 has disrupted countless businesses and economies across the globe

Workforce Biologics developed covX® to help get the world back to work

The System

Our 3-step system offers simple and affordable enhanced bio-security to industries that depend upon workforces operating in close proximity

Enhanced hand

Walk-through super-fine mist

External spray to upgrade masks

Each step is tailored according to the needs of your workforce

WFB Story

Workforce Biologics is an innovative early-stage company comprising health and design professionals with a focus on workplace safety. Their combined experience in infectious disease spans decades and together they have developed a system to enhance workplace bio-security. The molecule at the heart of the covX® system provides virucidal action that is ongoing (residual) over several hours and has independently verified efficacy against COVID-19

Workforce Biologics is proud of the innovation behind covX® and its delivery system. The 3-step system will enhance pandemic protection across workforces, safeguard business continuity, and build confidence across a wide range of organisations and sectors

WFB Team

Dr. Miles Banwell

CEO and Founder

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. Previous research background in biomedical sciences (PhD, Immunology)

Dr. Paul Clarke

Infectious Diseases Physician

Formerly, Consultant at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Founder of MASTA (Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad)

Michael Messenger

Industrial Designer

Pioneer in global disaster relief shelters & emergency infrastructure. Founder of Aircell Structures Ltd

Nigel Irving

Electronics Engineer

Outstanding career in marine & radio electronics; authority in field of prototype design and system diagnostics

WFB Timeline

  1. 2003

    Original SARS-CoV epidemic in China

  2. 2004

    Dr. Paul Clarke patents active molecule for virucidal action (skin, masks, surfaces)

  3. 2005

    Michael Messenger's first production of inflatable air-frame shelters for use by humanitarian agencies across the world

  4. 2011

    USA patent renews – author Dr. Paul Clarke

  5. 2017

    Dr. Paul Clarke & Dr. Miles Banwell collaborate on anti-microbial use of active molecule in hospital settings in light of emerging threat from antibiotic resistance

  6. March, 2020

    WHO assigns COVID-19 pandemic status

  7. May, 2020

    WFB founded as COVID-19 pandemic response

  8. July, 2020

    DSTL Porton Down published their independent report confirming virucidal action of active molecule against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

  9. Febuary, 2021

    Projected first delivery of covX®

  10. July, 2021

    covX® misting booth in full-time operation for arrivals at Kamuzu International Airport, Malawi


Duty of care in the workplace has been re-defined by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, there is now global consensus across employers, workers and unions regarding the central importance of PPE. Measures that enhance protection over and above standard PPE serve to increase confidence in workplaces where recommended physical distancing is unachievable. covX® is an enhanced protective measure that is readily available and affordable. It offers the prospect of enhanced bio-security, business continuity and peace of mind across an organisation.
Whilst ordinary alcohol gels evaporate quickly and require constant reapplication throughout the working day, covX® is unique in offering cost-effective, long-lasting protection with a single application.
Yes. The active virucidal molecule in covX® is synthetic, but it is also found in naturally sourced lemon eucalyptus oil. As the key ingredient in many common insect repellents and at much higher concentrations than covX®, these repellents have been safely used around the world, across all age groups, for many years.
Soaps and alcohols disrupt the lipid envelope of all coronaviruses (CoV). The active molecule in covX® functions in the same way. The key difference is that the molecule is considerably less volatile and therefore remains on surfaces for several hours rather than evaporating within seconds.
No. covX® is an enhanced form of protection. It should be used to complement, not replace vaccines, standard precautions and PPE.
While vaccines provide long-term hope for mitigating COVID-19, we recognise demand for a ‘new norm’ in workplace hygiene.

Anticipated high demand sectors for covX® are construction & infrastructure, natural resources & mining, logistics, production lines & manufacturing, travel and tourism.

covX® is effective in any setting where workers must operate in close proximity.
The covX® system is a simple 3-step process for any user.

Step 1: Apply covX® hand preparation and then pick up a new paper mask.
Step 2: Enter booth, place mask on wire rack, adopt surrender position and await super-fine mist.
Step 3: Exit booth and put on (sprayed) mask.

This system is ideally deployed 4-hourly. For example, in a typical 8-hour working day, the system is used at the beginning, mid-point and end of the day.
It is a physical booth delivering a super-fine covX® mist. It is primarily intended for outdoor use but would be suitable for large indoor entrance areas. It is a modular system designed to serve workforces of all sizes. Traffic lights signal users to enter/exit the booth and infrared sensors trigger release of the mist.
No. The covX® system is a simple 3-step process that is highly intuitive and does not require specific training.
The covX® 3-step system is tailored according to the size of your workforce.

Workforce Biologics will work with you to establish your organisation's requirements.

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